Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Yoga Sparks The Total and Complete You!

I was writing a lesson plan for my final teaching practicum when I wrote something that unexpectedly made me spark inside.  The lesson I was writing is based around a book And Here’s to You! By David Elliott.  The book begins with celebrating different animals and ends with celebrating you. The last page goes like this:

And here’s to you!
The You Person!

Here’s to the sweet you,
The messy and the neat you,
The funny-way-you-eat you,
The head to your feet you,
The bones and the meat you,
The total and complete you.

Oh, how I love you!
The You Person!
You Person You!

I love You!

From this I thought it would be nice for the kids to each make up their own page to a story and we could make a class book.  Well I wrote one about myself to use as an example and was surprised at the emotions that came up. 

I think it was the part that made me think of something good and something not so good about myself that got me, (The messy and the neat you), and then how it is followed by The total and complete you.  The messy parts are so important too, and without those parts this person wouldn’t be complete.  I know this was supposed to be a grade one lesson but it really ended up showing me complete love and acceptance for myself, messy bits and all.
I will post my poem below and I challenge you to make one about your self and read it to your self.  Notice what it sparks for you inside? If you want please feel free to share and post it after mine, it would be kind of neat to have a “book” of Here’s to Yous!

With so much love,

PS I’ll share the complete lesson for this book soon J


  1. And here's to Amy!
    The Amy Person!

    Here's to the Awesome Amy,
    The passionate and lazy Amy,
    The funny-way-she-dances Amy,
    The nose to her toes Amy,
    The skin and the energy Amy,
    The total and complete Amy.

    Oh, how I love Amy!
    The Amy Person!
    Amy Person Amy!

    I love Amy!

  2. Here's to Crystal!
    The Crystal Person!

    Here's to the compassionate Crystal,
    The brainy and the crazy Crystal,
    The silly-way-she-sings Crystal,
    The cranium to the phalanges Crystal,
    The solid and the mush Crystal,
    The total and complete Crystal.

    Oh, how I love Crystal!
    The Crystal Person!
    Crystal Person Crystal!

    I love Crystal!