Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Yoga Sparks Efficiency

Warning: This blog post contains no solutions. This post is more of a gentle reminder to my ego :)

I am feeling rushed.  Most years, one of the first concepts I teach the grade one students is efficiency because it results in transitions going faster. I thought I was teaching them what efficiency looks like and sounds like.  I thought I was teaching them what being efficient means but now I'm having second thoughts. I have been focusing only on the time aspect of efficiency and  I am slowly, not very efficiently, realizing that You Can't Rush Efficiency, (thank you Melissa), yet I constantly find myself asking kids to hurry.  (I'm pretty sure I already mentioned this a few posts ago, like I said, not very efficient right now).

In yoga a lot of things are about efficiency.
- Stack my knee on top of my ankle so that my quad doesn't die (as quickly).
- Mindful movements on my mat equal no wasted energy.
- Moving with my breath moves my body.
None of these are about going fast, hmmmm...

The more I hurry students the more things go "wrong", the more time it takes to fix the "wrongs," the less time I have to teach.
Which leads me to something that Shirley Chief Moon told me my first year of teaching grade one, (but had forgotten and now remembered).

Slow is fast, fast is slow.
Slow down Ames! Things will start to flow.

How has yoga made you more efficient?  What has yoga sparked for you?  Let me know and if posting here isn't working, please email me: I am in need of inspirational efficiency stories :)

with efficient love,

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