Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Yoga Sparks Surrender

Dukha is the sanskrit word for suffering, pain, misery or frustration.  Today there was a little dukha, but it was completely me.  The beginning of the year is always a little bit of a shock for me.  Thinking... "What? Why wouldn't this adorable kid not want to do what I'm asking him to do? Last year the kids always listened."  Well by the end of the year they did, but that was because of all the hard work of developing a relationship with them. Not to mention that they are 10 months older by June.  Yes, the beginning of the year can be a little shocking when you grasp at the past.  Dukha, a little bit of frustration because I forgot to drop my baggage.  It's only in grasping at the past that there is any Dukha.

It is what it is. I love saying that, and for whatever reason that didn't come to mind at all today.  First day of school, for sure! With out a doubt, (now that I look back), it is what it is.  There are so many unknown things happening, about to happen and happened at seemingly the same time, that I'm not sure how I thought that I had any control over the unfolding.

"Let go Amy."  There is a voice in my head that says that to me, but today I was not listening.  I found it very hard today to hear anything above the excitement of new Transformer lunch kits and the chaos of 18 kids asking to go to the bathroom at the same time and then taking them all to the bathroom at the same time. It is what it is, it is the first day of school, let go Amy, let it unfold.

Yoga sparks me remembering after the fact that I don't have control of how things unfold, even if the end of the year last year led me to believe I did.  Ah well, tomorrow's a new day, it is what it is.

How was your first day?  What does yoga spark on your first day?  Let me know, I'm listening and would love to hear.

With love,


  1. I remember many a first day. The excitement and the nervousness of the children. It seemed like all my plans were for naught. I forgot how much they didn't know. I wanted them like the ones I had sent on. Gradually, things became how I had planned. Yours will too. It is what it is. You have great plans.
    With love,

  2. My first day... It was what it was! It was exciting for me too for the simple reason that I did let go, and we went where we went, and it was a glorious step in a long journey to build trust and mutual respect. I missed the class I sent on, as they passed my door because i honestly grew to love them. ALL of them. Each in a different way. I also felt renewal with each new face as they found a chair amongst their peers and I thought to myself, "self... here is your best chance to make the difference you dream of everyday. Oh and you only have ten months, so make 'em count!" And so we began...