Thursday, 25 August 2011

Yoga Sparks Beginnings

I am a collector.  I collect many things and as it turns out I have also been collecting skills.  The thing about collections though is that a lot of the time they sit there under glass or in a box, still, unmoving, untouched.  Still and unmoving is awesome if you're in Savasana but I'm thinking my skills need to come out of their corpse pose and into more of a Surya Namaskara, "Hello Skills, how are you today?  How can we serve together?"

Yoga has sparked so much in me and my corner of the universe. I truly feel that our students are searching for a new environment to express their completeness.  And it is with this feeling that I am beginning to bring my collection of skills together into a vision of a classroom that is open, caring, loving, moving, expanding and continually changing to meet each and every level of need in my classroom.

My beginning spark is to put two yoga mats out in my classroom full time.  Dedicated space to yoga. Several ideas pop into my head of how the class could use these, but I'm more interested in watching what new ways unfold during each day.

Yoga in the library

What do you think?  What does yoga spark in your classroom? Let me know, I want to hear!

with love,

Next day: Unfolding of spontaneous yoga begins...

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  1. Awesome!!: D lol great entry and what fun ideas! I look forward to seeing more of your skills and ideas unfold Amy! :D