Friday, 7 September 2012

Yoga Sparks Gentle Wasps

Are you progressing toward your goals?

Three wasps have crossed my path in the past week.  This is not a metaphor, literally three wasps have very obviously appeared.  Now for those of you that know me well, you know that I love signs from the universe and I’m about to make these wasps into a big sign and a metaphor :) So of course after wasp number two I was looking up the significance of a wasp.  

Wasp number one landed on my shin and walked around for a bit. A tiny poke drew my attention to her and I reacted and swatted her away... (see Mosquito Bite post for how I feel about this...) I was a little (read very) upset that I had potentially harmed this wasp but after careful investigation by dear Natasha (love this woman!), it turns out the wasp survived. Yeah!

Wasp number two very, very randomly hovered into my living room yesterday.  She was HUGE and came out of nowhere, all windows and doors closed and there she was.  Caught her in a jar, released her and immediately looked up wasp on one of my favorite sites:
Animal Totems Dictionary

The wasp teaches that it is time of productivity and construction. Increased communication is important at this time. Are you progressing toward your goals? He teaches diligence and keeping things in order along with guiding you in building your mental, spiritual and physical dwelling. It is a time for progression with balancing the spiritual and physical. He demonstrates how to remain grounded to secure a good base for your endeavours. It time to start a new endeavor or work on an existing one.

And of course I was like, "Woah! That is so perfect for where I’m at.  Okay I need to get moving with things. Now’s the time..."

Well apparently I didn’t move fast enough.  Today, Wasp number three, I stepped out on the balcony and immediately she flies into the kitchen.  Really?! Okay I get it universe! I’m moving, I’m productive, I am progressing towards my goals, I am deeply considering what my goals are and committing to moving towards these goals every day.

This week yoga has sparked a buzzing wasp in my ear telling me that now’s the time to move, now’s the time to start up again.  I am vowing to start now while the buzz is just a gentle sound and not a sting. After a lull in motivation and a plateau of motion, my heart is ready to expand, my mind is ready to continue to be blown and my energy is ready to work.  Still not sure what this will look like exactly but I know that I am ready to hear more buzzing and opportunities will most definitely come my way. Let the to do lists and building begin! 

If a wasp came into your life, what would it’s buzz tell you?  Before it stings you, what do you need to move on? Listen carefully to your own gentle buzzing wasp and move now.

Lots of love,


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